Hi, I’m Andrew. I was born and raised on the coast of North Carolina and received my undergraduate degrees from North Carolina State University. Often people who have heard of NCSU are sports fans, but they also teach Computer Science and whatnot, so don’t ask me about sports because I’ll likely ask you which sport you’re talking about.

I currently live in Hell’s Kitchen because classical music, and it’s a good life. I attend classical music performances from opera to ballet (more opera than ballet for sure) and also enjoy cycling, cooking, gardening (yes, in NYC), and eating of course! My interests include the broad fields of science and engineering, especially relating to climate change, space exploration, and electronics (I also studied Electrical Engineering).

Stop here if you’re not into tech stuff. :)

Of course, I’m also into tech! I work for Red Hat, a company that is known for it’s Enterprise Linux operating system and open source ecosystem. Oh, open source, where would we be without ye? I work on their Satellite product, which is an IT tool for the provisioning and content management of systems. I often attend tech events around the city on topics ranging from Kubernetes to Go, so feel free to say hi if you see me!